Online Dog Training Theory Evaluation

You have two hours to complete the test. 

There are 40 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions. 

Multiple choice questions appear in random order on the test, and are not grouped by their subject. 

Short answer questions are worth 5 points each, while multiple choice answers are worth 2 points each. 

There are 105 points possible, and you must score at least 85 points to pass.

The topics covered in this test are divided as follows:

You'll receive this certificate in the mail when you pass!

The short answer questions have the following instructions: 

The following short answer questions ask you to offer a training solution for the client based on the description provided. You should consider only the information provided, and not assume any additional information. The most important part of your answer is your reasoning, not necessarily the specific training recommendation you make. (You will only lose points for your training recommendation if there is a high risk of unintended learning as a result of your recommendation.) You should include why you believe the dog is doing the behavior described. Your response should be answered in between three to five sentences.