Professional Dog Training

Private Dog Training and Behavior Consulting

Remote consultations are my preference, especially for behavior consultations and check-in's to make sure everything is going well. In-person training sessions are great for learning or refining kinesthetic skills.

Please note that you must have at least one remote consultation before booking an in-person appointment.

The Calendly here will sign you up for a free preliminary consultation to make sure I'm the right trainer for you.

I am based out of Sonoma County, California. I travel frequently for work, and prefer driving whenever possible to be able to bring my dog along for the adventure.

Private Consult - Remote $75/session
Held via Zoom, about 1 hour per session

Private Consult - Live $145/session
About 1 hour per session

Semi-Private Group Class $500/class
Up to 25 active participants in a semi-private class

Traveling outside Sonoma County is charged on a case-by-case basis.