Live Workshops

Education is the backbone that underlies everything we do. Pathway planning, daily operations, euthanasia decisions, the list goes on and all of them depend on your team having a strong unified understanding of core concepts.

Live Workshops at your
Shelter or Rescue

Theory is fun, but the work in this field happens in-person.

If the behavior of the dogs in your program is making your staff feel defeated, helpless, or just stumped, you need some support.

We'll meet with you ahead of time to make sure your workshop meets your specific needs. Your program isn't identical to anyone else's program, so your training shouldn't be either. 

(If your staff is worried about our training techniques, we'll work with whatever equipment you have and we fully support you in deciding what is right for your team. We're not here to push any specific method. Check out Devan's lectures if you'd like all of the deep-dive details into AWU's philosophy around dog/human learning.)

Schedule a time to meet with us and chat! 

No obligation, no pressure, let's just talk about what's available and what you're looking for!

We're currently looking for 9 more organizations to receive a startup discount!


"This workshop was more than I expected! The lecture portion was fun and engaging and afterwards attendees were able to safely interact with the animals. Great care was taken to not stress the dogs out or put attendees or the dogs in a bad situation. This made it fun for everyone whether they were a seasoned volunteer or first timer at our shelter. The turn out was amazing and I think every attendee walked away with a new skill. If you are running a shelter I highly recommend offering these workshops to your supporters and community!"

"Devan was extremely knowledgeable, energetic and informative. We enjoyed his presentation, but wished it was longer. The hands on session was helpful as well. We'd certainly return to participate the next time Devan is at HSIMC!"

The below listed workshops are examples/templates. All workshops are customized just for your team.

Dog Handling and Safety Workshop

Handling and Safety

Dog Evaluation and Assessment Workshop

Evaluation and Assessment

Dog Training and Behavior Workshop

Training and Behavior

Workshop Rates and Pricing

We're a for-profit specifically so that we are not competing for your donor dollars.

We are more than happy to help you fundraise to cover the costs of a workshop, help you sell "tickets" to attend, put you in touch with potential grantors to sponsor a workshop, or just help you figure out how this is going to impact your budget.

Bottom line: If you want to make this happen, we want to help you make it happen!

Rates and Pricing

Q: We're a business who wants to give back. Can we sponsor a workshop for a nonprofit in need?

A: Absolutely! We can put you in touch with nonprofits who want to host a workshop but cost is a barrier. Finding grants specifically for education for your team can be very challenging. (Despite education being a critical part of this work.) Get in touch and let's make great stuff happen! 

If you're a nonprofit who needs some financial support to make education happen for your team, let us know!

Q: Can you put together a custom workshop for us?

A: YES PLEASE! Every single workshop is custom-tailored to your programs. We're not coming to tell you that we know better and to do things "our way." We're here to get your whole team on the same page and provide some suggestions from an outside third-party. Our workshops are always flexible, and always based on your goals, your mission, and your team.