Handouts for Adopters, Fosters, and Volunteers!

These handouts were put together as part of a larger project exploring alternative ways to assess and report on dog behavior in the shelter. This assessment is based on the handler's skill level, not necessarily the dog's behavior.

Green-Level Activities

Green level activities are intended to be simple enough to be understood and conducted by an entry-level volunteer. This level is intended to focus on learning how to train using positive reinforcement and learning how to ask/receive consent for interactions.

Green Crate Introducing the Crate

Introducing the Crate

Green Dog-Dog Interaction Parallel Walks

Parallel Walks

Green Equipment Classical Conditioning

Introducing Equipment

Green Handling Introducing Touch

Introducing "Touch"

Green Housetraining Office Fosters

"Office Fosters"

Green Human Interaction Quiet Time

Getting to Know You

Green On Leash Introducing Let's Go

Introducing "Let's Go"

Green Play Introducing Place

Introducing "Place"

Green Recall Introducing Recall

Introducing Recall

Green Resources Introducing Out

Introducing "Out"

Yellow-Level Activities

Yellow level activities should be challenging in that they require the handler to work through the desensitization and counter-conditioning processes slowly, but not so challenging that they may require handlers to make decisions while the dog is displaying agonistic (conflict-related) behaviors. Activities at this level should be designed to restrict activity to such a low intensity level that the handler never sees agonistic behavior from the dog. Handlers at this level should be focused on developing observation and reporting skills while conducting simple exercises.

L2 Human Interaction, Greeting Routines

Greeting Routines

L2 On Leash, Structured Walks

Structured Walks

L2 Play, Play Time!

Play Time!

Yellow Equipment Shaping

Getting Comfortable with Equipment

Yellow Handling Introduction

Introduction to Handling

Yellow Mealtimes Intro Resources

Introducing Resources

Yellow Recall DDD

Recall for Unsure Dogs

Training Log

Bonus! Training Log Example