"Bergin College appreciates the experience AWU is providing to the bachelor of science students by offering free obedience classes to the public. Not only are these classes supporting dogs and families, the real world experience our students receive working with the public and training all types of dogs makes them more marketable once they graduate and provides them with a confidence that classroom learning cannot deliver."

"Devan visited our facility multiple times in 2023, bringing students on three of those occasions. The students provide enrichment and training to our dog program while also learning and developing their skills.

Devan provides support in many ways and is a highly valued rescue partner and comrade."

"Devan has been amazing to work with. He has immensely helped us with his behavior analysis and insights into our program. We highly recommend him for any program or person looking for unparalleled knowledge and insight."

"Phenomenal presentation. He should definitely be asked back in the future for more shelter dog training sessions."

"Very informative!"

"I really enjoyed this session! I’m fascinated by Devan’s integration of emotion as a cue and the relevance to The Body Keeps the Score. I look forward to learning more about Devan’s research and training applications."

"I like that Devan was knowledgeable, and still expressed that trainers should know their limits and when to ask for help. That really resonated with me as a reminder that we are in this for the animals and not our own selfish pride. I would go to this session again."

"I appreciated the complex behavioral learning theory broken down into layman's terms. I found the framework of how to discuss behavioral modification and training really effective and will be utilizing this framework for discussions with my team in the future."